Welcome to Shanghai InterBund Translations!


InterBund Translations was founded cooperatively by a group of dynamic interpreters who have been engaged in Chinese-English services for many years.

The name, InterBund, was coined by combining Interpret and The Bund, as a token of our dedication towards being your communication bridge.

Based in Shanghai, we are well versed in both Chinese and Western culture, and we are delighted to help you explore China, understand China, and connect with China.


We hold a firm belief that a good translation firm is never one which offers you the most services, but rather one which can offer the best. In order to stay in line with our beliefs and provide our clients with high quality services, we specialize in the following:


InterBund employs a great team of consultants, interpreters and project managers, all with a solid background in Chinese-English interpretation. From the very beginning of your inquiry, our project managers will follow up with timely replies, and suggest services most suitable for your needs. Each of our interpreters is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy. We spare no effort to offer you the best possible services.

We are happy to provide services for both individuals as well as companies. For more information, please contact us at: info@interbund.com, or through our contact us page!